About Us

Salutron is a U.S. based technology leader and supplier of heart rate monitoring solutions for the health, wellness and fitness markets.

Not just a research lab, hardware developer, or algorithm company…

Salutron delivers a unique blend of fitness heart rate monitoring technology, consumer wearable experience, advanced physiological research expertise and a passion for accuracy and reliability.  In 1995, our founders had a close friend unexpectedly pass away from cardiovascular disease, and ever since, our mission has been to deliver superior science in order to improve lives.

With ongoing physiological research activities and scientific studies focused on better ways to analyze and understand information available from the body, the Salutron team is able to build and deliver robust technology for consumer health and fitness products.

  • Over 20 years of delivering consumer heart rate-physiological monitoring solutions
  • Pioneered ‘touch’ ECG-based heart rate feature for sports and fitness watches
  • Leading provider of ECG-based heart rate sensing modules for the health club and home fitness equipment industry
  • Research based in optical/photoplethysmogram (fNIRS, PPG), electrophysiological (ECG, EEG, EOG, EMG), motion (multi-axis), and environmental (full spectrum light, temp) measurements
  • All intellectual property internally developed

Some Past

1995 Salutron founded by Dr. Mike Tsai and Dr. Thomas Lo
1999 Best-in-class ECG HR modules delivered to fitness equipment manufacturers
2001 Salutron’s ‘touch’ ECG HR technology integrated into IC form for use with sports/fitness watches
2004 Delivery of ECG HR sports/fitness watches into mass market and mass drug retailers
2007 NASA contract awarded for non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitoring for astronauts during space missions
2009 DOD contract awarded for physiological monitor used to determine health, vital signs of soldiers in the field
2011 DARPA contract for continuous biometric authentication • NASA contract for stress, sleep studies for crew during long duration space exploration missions
2013 Delivered first consumer fitness tracker in market with automated sleep sensing and ECG heart rate • NASA contract extended for further sleep monitoring and analysis, multi-sensor including light exposure analysis
2014 Launched first consumer tracker with blue light monitoring & alerts, BLE with standard coin cell battery

Some Present

2016 Zoom HRV device launched utilizing Salutron’s proprietary PPG system for advanced heart rate monitoring for both free-living and workouts as well as for actionable heart rate variability monitoring
2017 Patents in the area of PPG and EKG detection filed
2018 Integration of BLE and ANT+ transceivers into Salutron’s leading line of fitness equipment HR monitoring modules, simplifying management of broader sources for heart rate signals
2021 Patents in the area of exertion and physiological monitoring in combination with physiological response models for use in fitness equipment or wearable products field
2022 Patent granted for arrhythmia monitoring using photoplethysmography

Some Future

Stay in touch with Salutron updates: sales@salutron.com